Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What I've Been Up To

If you want to support your local Twist family, and also want to give something hand-made as a gift for Christmas, keep an eye on my ebay listings now, and in the weeks ahead to see some of my creations.

Here is an example:


heather said...


Denise said...

so cool!
is cake baking taking the back seat then?
you're inspiring! :)

farmgirl beth said...

Thanks to you both!

Cakes are still a part of my life, so long as one is scheduled, but this time of year they are few and far between, the cake decorator in me usually only comes out in the summer months. Having said that, I do have a wedding on the 17th of this month, so watch for photos to be posted soon thereafter.

I am simply trying to find ways to continue to make some money here and there while still staying home and enjoying myself. :)