Monday, January 28, 2008

Jack's Turn

So many of you have asked how our Boy is handling the transition to being Big Brother. He is doing quite well, and loves to make sure that his little sister always has a blanket close by. If he doesn't see her, he says, "Uh, Oh- Go?" wondering where she went, and he doesn't stop saying it until he is reassured that she is still in the house!

But one thing we have noticed that isn't quite so pleasant, is represented by the following photos... I was taking pictures of Baby, and when he noticed, Big Brother came running up, and started exclaiming, "No, Mama! ME!" over and over (this is a new and overly used part of his vocabulary). So, he got some camera time too...

He currently loves to sing along with all kinds of music, and picks up new songs very quickly; they may not be recognizable to most ears, but his Mama usually knows what little ditty he is attempting, and he loves it when she joins him in song!

He also can sing/recite the alphabet for the most part, and recognizes all the letters, and the numbers 1-9. He surprised us the other day in the Doctor's waiting room by looking at a stop sign on the side of a big wooden bus, and saying, "S, T, Stop!". He also started counting to 19 recently, something we had no clue that he had figured out.

Here he is playing with one of his new favorite toys, his Mama's vintage cookie cutter collection!


joann renee said...

i LOVE the second picture of Jack!!! i audibly "aww!"ed in the middle of the coffee shop.

The Boyds said...

Your children are so adorable! Can't wait to see you guys.. once the snow has melted, maybe??