Friday, February 29, 2008

Playing with Scissors

Yesterday, I chopped about 8 inches of hair off of my head. That's what traditionally happens when Beth doesn't get enough "me" time. She goes and does crazy things with scissors. The last time my hair got short was just after my Firstborn entered the world. Guess I can't handle all the curls on a baby schedule. :)

I also am going to attempt my very first scherenschnitte (again with the scissors!). This is something I have always wanted to learn, and since the only person I know who practices this art lives on the other side of the country, I checked out some library books, and am going to teach myself. Not that its any different from any other hobby I have ever taken up. I am a self-taught stitcher, crocheter, rug hooker, guitar player, cooker, photographer and hair cutter... I wonder what will be next...


Christi said...

It's scary how alike we are. I saw some gorgeous Valentine papercuttings on Martha Stewart and thought to myself that I would love to learn, especially since it seems very similar to the hardanger sewing. Let me know how it goes.

joann renee said... an excuse for grown-ups to make elaborate paper snowflakes

Kimmie said...

Eight Inches????? Holy cow that is alot! How does it feel? I bet like a million bucks. I used to have long hair and it was so heavy. Now I wear it short, and even just an inch or two off makes such a difference.

Hope hubby loves it! I am sure you look adorable! Remember...change can be very good!

Kimmie in OP