Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Fish

This past Saturday, we took a much-anticipated trip to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery so that Big Brother could see some really big fish. They have some very large Sturgeon in a viewing tank, and lots of rainbow trout that are out in a shallow pond where people can feed them. Our Boy also got to see a train go by, which was equally exciting to him!

After a way-too-short nap in the car:

Baby's naps are always short!

This was a small-ish sturgeon:

We waited out a huge hailstorm while down in the fish viewing house:

Sturgeon look creepy from the bottom:

"Wook, Mama! BIG FISH!"

Baby Girl really didn't care too much about the fish. This photo was taken just before she let us know that it was once again nap time, which she took in her Mama's arms while Big Brother had all the fun!

Post-Hat Hair!

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Marie said...

Yes, you DO have a good website!! I love checking in to see what's new at the Twist lodge. thanks for frequent postings -- especially of our sweet little people!!
Love you all!