Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Detour-ing

Still working away at my hooked rug- I think I must be very slow at it... I feel like I should be done by now! I'm sure that there are many factors working against me. I have never taken a class or even SEEN rug-hooking taking place, I am just doing it how I think it is supposed to be done, much in the way that I imagine it was done years ago. I am hooking on a burlap coffee bag, which is uneven and course. And I am hooking without the benefit of a frame; call me crazy, but I stitch "in-hand", and although I tried using a big quilting hoop in the beginning, decided that I much prefer to hook "in-hand" as well.

Here is my progress at the end of the weekend:

And after the last two evenings, this is what it looks like this afternoon:


JoJo said...

Beth, you're doing a wonderful job hooking your horse rug. If you'd like a few quick, easy lessons in hooking, go to YouTube and search under "Gene Shepherd." Gene is a pastor in Anaheim, CA who's a master hooker. He's put several hooking lessons on line to show exactly how it's done and also has a very educational blog at

Although I love all of your needle work, I'm always happy to see someone branch out into hooking.
JoJo, Administrator
Wool Snippets.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

To do that without a frame is's just beautiful!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Wonderful! I love the colors and the circles are just great!

Gayle said...

Your rug is looking great! Love the pennies you're hooking into the background. I'm working on a horse rug right now too!