Thursday, August 04, 2016

Into August

Being on the other side of all of the family gatherings and weekends away and the yard party and other summer fun, August appears, empty and full of the promise of much forced relaxation. First for mental clarity, and more importantly, for physical rehabilitation.

We had hoped for a beach trip and perhaps a road trip down to see the Redwoods in Northern California, but with the still enduring back pain and other connected symptoms, this was deemed a month of rest.

Well, "rest" is a relative term and can simply mean "not going away for vacation". The usual household and business activities continue full tilt, but added are visits to the naturopath's office for acupuncture and osseous manipulation.

The sun shines bright and hot. The garden is well into its first year of rest since the ground was turned (nine, ten years ago?), the flower beds are trying so, so hard to continue to look lush, but are succumbing to heat and exhaustion. It is all good.  All of it.

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