Wednesday, January 10, 2018


This girl. Sweet and sassy and quick-witted like her Daddy. The one that made me change my mind about little girls. Who loves to cuddle and giggle and whisper in my ear. She's 10 years old today (insert crying emoji here).

She had only a few simple requests for celebrating her special day. Request #1: Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. How could I say no? Even though it has literally been years since I made them from scratch, I got up early and worked some magic in the kitchen.

A few gifts, simply wrapped, from her big brother and parents were just the ticket while we waited for the rolls to rise and bake to perfection (so sorry for the Costco bag, my darling, but sometimes practicality has to trump aesthetics. In other words, Mama forgot to pick up a gift bag large enough to hide the gift... oops!).

Skipping school, cinnamon rolls in our bellies, we headed out for a chilly day at one of my girl's favorite places on earth: the Oregon Zoo. Bear and Beaver and Big Cats are always favorites there. And this time we were treated to a very close encounter with a lovely Lioness, intent and wishing she could pounce on whatever was coming down the hall in the distance, but totally ignoring us, just a few inches away, although protected by some very thick glass. It was amazing and a memory we will all keep for a good long while.

Later, with the help of our dearest friends, we lit candles, made wishes and celebrated with ice cream cake from our favorite DQ artist, Minecraft style. I like this tradition very much, because it means I don't have to dust off my happily-in-the-past cake decorating skills.

And, as if that all wasn't enough, there was another gathering a few days later with Grandparents and Cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Olive Garden is apparently the way to a 10 year old's heart.

I love this girl so much. She continually surprises me with her intuitive compassion and understanding of others. She has a grasp on the world that is both 10 and 25 years old at the same time. I hope she is forever and ever the same sassy, determined, and honey-sweet girl that she was as a baby, and still is today. I pray that life won't take any of it away, but will only make it deeper and more solid. I wish you all could meet her. I don't think I'm biased when I say that she is a rare treasure among girls.

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Timi said...

Happy Birthday!!!
It seems you had a great day on this special day! I love Cinnamon Rolls, too :o)

(The date of your post is January 10, but it just appeared on my list...)