Monday, June 30, 2008

I Never Want to Forget

How last evening felt.

We went to the wedding, both kids in tow, hoping that we could stay long enough to eat the dinner that was sure to be very good, but knowing that we would likely have to leave with a crying baby girl. Sure enough, just as the appetizer and cocktail hour was coming to an end, Baby Girl let us know she had had enough.Big Brother, too, was asking to go home, despite the big cake that would follow dinner.

So off we walked, back to the car, through the humid air, and headed home. Sparky's pizza beckoned us, our old standby for those nights when cooking dinner at home just isn't going to happen.

We sat on the back deck, enjoying the cooling air and our Italian Roma pizza with fresh garden greens newly picked. Baby was happy to be home, Big Brother was happy to eat pizza, and we were happy that they were happy!

After our dinner, and the Baby's dinner that followed, there was still an hour to burn before bedtime. And it was just then that the threatening sky turned into a full-blown thunder storm.

There we sat, the four of us, on the back steps, with patio umbrella for shelter, watching, listening, and feeling the storm all around us, rain and all. But the air was warm, and we were dry, and the kids were still happy. And the best part of all was that we sang "Winnie the Pooh" several times over (ever lived with a toddler?), and it didn't feel ridiculous at all to be doing so.


Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

THAT-- the scenario you write about-- is the reason I blog. I want to remember those moments forever.

How wonderful, Beth.

farmgirl beth said...

Me too. And its a good thing, because I don't remember things like I used to. Just yesterday, a friend asked when Katie's due date was, and I had to search through my blog archives to find the answer!

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