Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quandary: Solution

Once again, as happens so often lately, this morning I found myself in a quandary. I spent so much time in the past week trying to creatively put together a gift for the wedding we were to attend this evening, that I completely forgot to get a card. Sigh. What to do?

I went to the old stand-by stash of photos and blank card stock to make a home-made photo card. There are lots of beautiful photos in that stack, but just nothing quite "right" for a wedding. Another sigh. I decided to settle on a sunset photo and write something hokey about wishes and sunsets and love.

But then, during a last-minute, once more flip through the pile, that photo that has been passed over SO many times, but that wasn't quite bad enough to throw away, I saw it suddenly in a whole new way. Its poorly composed self gave me inspiration, begging me to take it and make of it something beautiful and unique.

And here it is:

Designed and created by myself, using my new (thank you dearest Matt) cutting knife. It only took me the duration of one 45 minute nap (thank you dearest Girl) to complete (thank you dearest Boy for coloring away there across the table from me oh, so sweetly and quietly).

I can't speak for the happy couple, and have no idea if it suits their tastes, but I for one, am very proud of my creation!


Christi said...

Very pretty, I would have loved it!

Jeana said...

That is BRILLIANT! I'm eager to try it now.

Sandy Smith said...

This is really beautiful . . .