Monday, July 14, 2008

The Mattinator 8000

Did you know that I was married to MacGyver? Using just a piece of bubble gum, a paper clip, and some baling twine (okay, so that's a *slight* exaggeration), my husband made this:

The Mattinator 8000. A "green" deer repellant that really works! When the nocturnal marauders try to invade our otherwise unprotected berry patch, a sensor detects their motion, turns on a spotlight and starts up the sprinkler, thereby frightening away the would-be destroyers of our precious berries.

And here is the proof that it works.

Only a limited number of the Mattinator 8000 are available for sale. Place your reserve order now, before they are sold out! ;)


Christi said...

How funny, Go Matt! We had our own MacGyver moment last night. We had no cooking twine to truss up a chicken, so I took several strings off our tea bags and tied them together to tie the chicken together. I was very proud of myself. Although, Matt's ingenuity takes the prize :)

Sandy Smith said...

Hi Beth! Ande's sister, Sandy, here . . . you have a great blog! Your cakes are AMAZING! Looking forward to reading more!