Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting Behind

I have quite a backlog of blog posts that I have been meaning to get to, but I have been putting them off because we had made the decision to splurge and get satellite internet. Well, when the tech came out today to get us hooked up, lo and behold, our beautiful grove of giant Douglas Fir trees is RIGHT IN THE WAY. In order to get a clear signal, we will have to pay an additional $400 for extra cable, and Matt will have to put a metal pole in the ground to mount the satellite dish, which by the way, already would cost us $300, not to mention the $60 monthly for service. Seriously, there has got to be a better option out there! Now I don't know if we are going to go through with it or not, but I am dreading the thought of being stuck with dial-up for very much longer, and neither DSL or Cable have made it this far out in the boondocks yet.


In the meantime, I will gather myself and hopefully get around to posting about the fact that we have now been married for 9 years, that we have eaten the first of our corn crop, had a delicious apple pie from our very own orchard, and what the kids have been up to. But not right now, first I have to go have a dial-up induced pity party.


Glenna said...

Hi! I have a Sprint phone, so I went to Radio Shack and got a Sprint aircard (free w/2 year sign up). Service is $59 a month, it took 5 minutes to install on my computer (put the aircard which looks like a small cellphone into the usb drive, run a disk installing software and you're good). If you have verizon or AT&T phone, they have the same thing in their version. All you need to do is have signal at your house (and I think you have 30 days to return and back out of contract if you don't have signal, but you should check that). So much better than dial-up, and almost as fast as my job's T-1 lines. Didn't lose service even during a bad storm (which sometimes you can w/ satellite).

Best of luck--I read about your pretty chart on Barbara's Mainely Stitching blog.

farmgirl beth said...

Thank you, Glenna, for taking the time to chime in with the suggestion. Unfortunately, we are in one of those cell phone dead zones, and have yet to find a service that works well out here at our house. Friends and family usually just turn their phones off when they come to visit, since the constant searching for a signal runs their batteries down! So, satellite really IS our only option for high speed internet.

And we have decided to just do it. Because of Matt occasionally needing to work from home, and because of my growing internet business, it is simply time to make the investment. So, starting tomorrow evening, we should be hooked up. :)