Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Little Republicans

It really wasn't premeditated.

I've been waiting for that first truly cold, damp day for my Baby Girl to wear her little hat, the one with the circus elephants and Elvish point, you know, the one that her Auntie wore when she was a baby. Its really adorable. And also happens to be red, white and blue with Elephants. Hm. And we were heading to town to vote. Double Hm.

Being a bit of a Conservative in a state that never fails to show up blue on the US map come election day sometimes makes it seem pointless to vote at all. But I am so proud of my free right to vote my opinion and conscience that it really doesn't matter as much to me what the outcome is, so long as I have made my voice heard. That is the beauty of the America that I love. So many different opinions, and we get to have a vote.

And I love the state of Oregon, despite... and probably also because of... its more liberal bent. We are Pioneers, after all. Mavericks, even!

So, as I laughingly realized that the hat wasn't about the circus, but rather a cute little Republican pixie hat, I decided that I might as well make the most of our little outing, and Jack got to drop our ballots in the box!

We simply couldn't leave the Library without stopping by the children's section! His book choice resulted in a few rousing rounds of Winnie the Pooh's theme song as we went about our errands.

The adorable Girl, the wet pavement, the Autumn leaf, the beaming sunshine, I couldn't resist taking this celebratory photo. Voting makes me feel festive!

Refortifying with snacktime at the grocery store... She gets her old stand-by Cheerios,

And the Firechief gets a corndog!

All tuckered out...

So now we are home, and the wait begins. Who will be the new leader of our country, we don't know. But, we are satisfied. We voted, and hopefully you did too, and whichever way the vote goes, we as Americans got to choose. This wasn't a hostile takeover or a military coup. It was Democracy at work. God bless the USA!

Now, let's see, what shall I make for dinner?


Plumruncreek said...

Beth~ Love the pictures. Get Mavericky!!LOL!!

Danny said...

Thanks for sharing, cheers me up after seeing the returns!

Aren't we glad that God is our true leader and heaven is our country!

At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Adorable pictures! That hat is precious. Voting is quite the ultimate right for us Americans, and being women, we have come so far that our vote, I think, means even the more. My candidate didn't win last night and I'm sad today because of it, but history happened and we were apart of it. Nothing is sweeter than that and our liberty.


joann renee said...

love it all...elephant hat is brilliant...wish i remembered wearing it :)