Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Still Like LEGOS

Growing up, my most favorite toy to play with was our huge family LEGO collection.

My kids are still a bit young for "real" LEGOS, but the DUPLOS are a close second and get almost constant play time in our house.

Mostly by me.

This is my most recent "Drop-Down Tower" (so named by Jack). I have been making Drop Down Towers for him since he was 9 months old. The towers come in many shapes and sizes, but the main component is a hollow center with a hole at the top, and opening at the bottom, so small toys can be dropped down from the top and out they pop from the bottom... endless entertainment for the kids which buys me time to sort laundry, clean the kitchen, and even sometimes, on a rare occasion, stitch in the middle of the day!


Julie's Keepsakes said...

I can't believe Katie isn't knocking that over. I can't get Cameron, who is 22 months, to leave anything like this alone long enough to have fun with it. While trying to construct something like this, he comes along and knocks it over. He's very destructive. In fact, he started to do wrestling moves not too long ago and we don't even watch wrestling. He does, what we call, butt-flops. LOL

You're such a good and clever mommy. :D

The Boyd's said...

That's what Mason needs! I have been sensing that he needs some sort of new toy, put couldn't quite put my finger on it, and didn't just want to buy anything..... ah ha! Thanks, Beth!!