Friday, November 06, 2009

New Pretties in my Etsy Shop!

I have been busy this week, finishing up a Blessing Box, which is now listed in my etsy shop.

What is a Blessing Box, you ask? It is a special place to visit on days when you are having a hard time thinking of anything positive. Days when everything seems to be going wrong. For the Blessing Box, when used properly, is filled with scraps of paper, some elegant, others scribbled upon, no matter the method, each inscription tells of a Blessing that has taken place in your life. A stranger giving you fifty cents so that you don't have to put something back at the grocery store... an unexpected card from a dear friend... a favorite Scripture verse that gives you strength... your teenager cleaning his/her room with no prompting... A simple few minutes reading through the rememberances should be enough to set one's perspective back in a more peaceful place.

A Blessing Box might look like a shabby old shoe box, or a pretty antique hat box. Or maybe, just maybe, it might look like this:

A little thrift-store bentwood box, which I have coated with layers of paint, pretty papers, and one of my papercuttings decoupaged to the top.

Also added to my shop is this whimsical little gathering:


The Royal Family said...

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Thanks so so much, Brandy

Myra said...

What a sweet thing to make. Yours is very pretty. I think everyone could use one of those.