Monday, February 08, 2010

Frosty Monday

We have been watching the weather from the Right Coast of the US, and the snowfall has us shaking our heads. It has been THE mildest winter here. Only a trace amount of snow at our house, where we regularly get 4-12 inch snowfalls throughout the winter.

I know that many of you have cabin fever and can't wait for the roads to clear, but we are wishing for some snowy weather before spring gets here! Matt recently acquired some chains for his tractor, and he is all ready to clear the driveway. Jack keeps asking when he will get to go sledding.

At least this morning we awoke to a hard frost and sunshine.

Made all three of us want to pull out our cozy homemade slippers (thank you, Aunt Jacki!)...


Catherine said...

Do you think Matt could get his tractor here to my house before our next storm starting tomorrow evening????

Love the socks! Wish I had an Aunt Jacki!

Karan said...

Those slippers look warm & toasty. :0)