Friday, November 19, 2010

The News I've Been Excited About

I like self-portraits.

I'm not that good at taking self portraits of my face,

but love to take a more unconventional approach.

As long as there is a little bit of "self" in it, it counts, right?

I find that these more abstract shots almost show more of who I am than if you were just looking at my nose.

I find myself so often looking through files full of photos of everyone else and rarely me, since I'm always holding the camera. So I have decided to have fun with it so that someday, if my great grandchildren ever care to see what I was like, they will still be able to catch glimpses of me amongst all of the other photos.

So when I recently found myself wanting to create a new logo for myself, is it any wonder that I made this simple alteration to my current one?

And now we get to the exciting part... I now have note cards available for sale that feature my photography!

Introducing... "Sampler Christmas":

"Stitching Samplers":



This was a small batch, and rather expensive. Since I don't anticipate ever being able to be a big shot in an already very saturated photo card market, this is more for YOU, my needlework customers and blog readers.

There are only 12 sets (with 4 blank cards in each set, envelopes included) of each of the four themes, and only if they all sell will I consider printing more, so the best way to vote is by purchasing a set (or two, or three, or four!) by going through my etsy shop checkout, or by emailing me:

Each set is $12- this price includes shipping within the continental USA.

Oh, and before I forget yet again to tell you... did you notice the "ON SALE" tab up at the top of this main blog page? Click over there if you want to get 50% of some of my listings... just in time for Christmas shopping, I might add.


Patti said...

LOVE THESE! I am off to etsy :)
I know what you mean about always being behind the camera... I love to take photos but am hardly ever in them. Sometimes when we go on a trip I realize later that no one will know that I went :)

Thanks for the sale - I should be buying gifts, but instead bought for myself...

Blessings, Patti

Catherine said...

These are beautiful! I love your approach to self portraits - I need to think about that more when I am taking pics. I am never in them - but I could find ways to show up without actually posing for the pic!

I'm off to check out the sale tab!

heather said...