Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We have a pretty strict no-Christmas-until-after-Thanksgiving policy in our family. A rule that we have been a teensy bit lax on the last few days.

How can a Mother put the kabosh on an impromptu round of "Jingle Bells" started by a 2 1/2 year old while driving in the car through falling flakes of snow? She can't... simple as that.

And she also can't stop the weather from creating positively Christmas-y displays of natural light strings either.

Just a few more days... are you hanging in there with me, or have you already begun to celebrate?

By the way, these photos were taken a few days ago, before the snow. Today we are hovering around 23 degrees outside with nasty, frozen, dangerous driving conditions. So once again, we are staying in. If you are (still) waiting on an order, I am so very sorry... we are hopeful that tomorrow will bring safer driving conditions. Out here in the woods we are left mostly to ourselves when the roads get bad. No snow plows or de-icers, just 4 wheel drive, grit & determination.


Hazel said...

I have a similar policy - no Christmas till after dd's birthday which is 28th November but this year, I have felt so stressed about it all that I have begun the shopping and even let the young ones watch a Christmas film. Oh well, all the best laid plans. Keep cosy! By the way I have started Ann Taylor. x

Lyssa said...

I have fully decorated for Christmas, but I have bought nothing! I did however wait until after Thanksgiving because ours here in Canada was back at the beginning of October :) I put my christmas stuff up November 7th this year :)

Catherine said...

Yep...I like holding off and giving Thanksgiving a chance but I know I couldn't resist either if I were to hear a wo year old's rendition of Jingle Bells!

Love the pics!

Heather said...

My policy is no Christmas decor/music goes up or on until after Thanksgiving. That doesn't mean I can't shop for Christmas it just means it can't go up. Though yesterday they were playing Christmas music on the radio and I couldn't help it, I sung along. My youngest will be 3 soon so this year is going to be so fun!!

Sharon said...

Brrrr....we have the same Christmas rules at our house, but sometimes, rules are made to be broken...enjoy the moments with your little sweetie! :)