Friday, December 17, 2010

5 Years? Good Grief.

He started his life as a very small 5 pound 5 ounce almost-preemie, who had to lay on a light blanket for 48 hours to help him overcome a severe case of jaundice.

Now he is an off-the-charts big, tall, and healthy 5 year old (47 inches! 60 pounds!) who rarely gets sick or injured.

This boy has not taken a single day of Preschool classes, but has taught himself to read. He loves to tell jokes, play with his Thomas trains, talk on the phone, and actually seems to enjoy spending every waking hour with his little sister.

My little Man is... Charming, Loving, Compassionate

Persistent, Smart, Resourceful


a budding Farmer/Gardener/Chef/Explorer/Stitcher/Photographer/Artist

Careful & Helpful (and sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating)

Likely to become an Analyst, Architect, or High School Shop Teacher.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will not be surprised to hear that I absolutely adore this kid.

He would delight my heart even if he wasn't mine.

Happy Birthday to my Baby (you know I will always call you that, even if I have to whisper it under my breath to avoid embarrassing you).


Gregg said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! Have a fantastic, fun day!!

Colleen said...

He certainly delights my heart! Happy Birthday!

Johnson Family said...

Happy 5th Birthday Jack!

valerie said...

Happy birthday to your son!

J Rae said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a sweet boy!

Tanya said...

Darling pictures - happy, happy!! Wish they could stay this sweet, small and innocent forever. My 11 1/2 yr old is well, BIG and we're on to those pre-teen years. Enjoy that little muffin :)


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

Love all the pictures!

Marie said...

What a special post to honor your little/big boy!! He is a delight to his grandma, too! As with his dear mother, he is always in my heart and prayers. He has been a wonderful gift to our family!

Happy birthday Jack!! I love you!!