Monday, December 20, 2010

The Birthday Boy's Cake

Once again, Thomas was the desired theme, and in particular, a scene from Hero of the Rails, a recent feature-length movie favorite.

A scene in which Thomas finds a broken down engine that has been stuck, hidden in the bushes for years.

Trying to make the cake as easy for me as possible, and yet still exciting for the kiddo, I made a hill out of a sideways sawed-off 6 inch round cake, bushes out of frosted waffle cones, and tracks out of pretzels.

After baking all morning (of course he wanted a striped cake), I was super happy that I only needed two colors of frosting, and the duration of naptime to get it finished.

I think he was pretty happy with the results... although he told me this morning that he was hoping Thomas would be hiding in the bushes too. Guess I could have just covered the top with bushes and called it good, eh?

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J Rae said...

I LOVE the cake!!! Such a great job! My son loved Thomas trains. What fun! :-)

Marie said...

The cake is wonderful, and the pictures are so much fun. It looks like the birthday boy was treated royally and that he loved every bit of it. I love his facial expression when he opens a present that he is delighted with!

Anonymous said...

LoL...I was just reading through a few blogs and this post caught my attention. My, now 27yo, son - Jack absolutely loved/loves trains and Thomas was a the top of the list! Happy birthday to your Jack, albeit, a little late!