Friday, February 25, 2011


Its 17 degrees outside.
My feet are cold.
And I am drawing a blog blank.

So, you get to see kid pictures.
Everyone loves kid pictures, right?

All Boy...

All Girl...

And "they" say that it is social conditioning that causes the genders to behave the way they do. All I can say is that I never taught her to like pink (ew!) and I never taught her to play with dolls (boring!)... but I DID teach him to enjoy playing in dirt (yes!).


joann renee said...

That is one creepy doll, Bethy.

Marie said...

See, some people are just that way! Be glad it's Katie who loves pink, and not Jack! (Katie is, after all, my grand-daughter! :^)

Adorable pictures of two of my favorite little people!