Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tin Roof... Dusted.

Sorry... couldn't resist.

And if you have no clue what my title refers to, then a) you must be too young, or b) you must be too old, or c) you lived in an anti-pop culture bubble in the 80's.

You can always go here to reminisce or catch yourself up to speed.

Anyway... I was standing out on our upper deck taking these pictures of our cute little snowfall...

Yes, I did say "cute" and "little". If you Easterners were sitting on my couch watching the weather last night, you would have been cracking up about how the valley Oregonians go into an excited panic at the slightest sniff of snow in the air.

And not just any snow... this is "rare" snow! White stuff on the ground AFTER Valentine's Day? How could it be?

For the record, we are in close proximity to Portland, where the news stations broadcast, but we are quite a bit higher in elevation. Enough higher that our Spring growth is a good two weeks later than theirs. Not to mention the fact that we have had a foot of snow on the ground on St. Patrick's Day. Just sayin'.

Back to my story... I was standing on our upper deck taking pictures, because even though the grass is poking through, from up high, the snow still looks pretty...

When I turned toward the French doors to get my cold bare feet back into the house, this is what I saw:

"Mama, I not wookin' at Birds, I usin' da binocuwars to wook at da snow!"

Cutest little googly-eyed munchkin I ever saw.


Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Ha! Adorable! Here in Ohio we don't expect the snow to go away until at least March. We are really excited as it's unusually warm right now, in the 50s, and all of the snow is melting away. We know it's not for good though. We will get more snow for sure. Enjoy your dusting. :)

Catherine said...

How cute is she??!?? I hope we are done with the white stuff here! Nature is giving us a taste of spring at the moment and I am ready!

Sue said...

funky little shack, thx for the giggle:)

Alice said...

I love the shack!

Your daughter is soooo cute! I miss those days.

Not to get in a spittin' contest, but I remember 2 1/2 feet of snow on St. Patrick's Day in I think 1997 but it might have been 98. That was in Calgary and I'm currently in Virginia, and yeah, they all abandon their cars at the first sign of a flake.