Monday, May 20, 2013

Finding Inspiration in Coffee

An artist friend of mine (we go all the way back to high school) hosts an art journaling blog.

Now, I am not an art journalist. Yes, I do keep a journal, and have off and on for years, but its pretty much about writing, and not art. So when my friend asked if I would be a guest host for this year, I was completely confused and unsure what I could possibly contribute.

I think perhaps I've started to "get" it, though, and am thankful that she has made allowances for those of us that prefer to let our cameras capture the art in life.

Twice monthly, she asks for us to either journal or photograph in response to a specific theme, the year's overall theme being in collaboration with Monday Mugshots, so the posts also need to incorporate mugs or coffee in some way.

In response to the theme "What if..." this is what I posted:
 What if... about a year into my tenure at Boyd Coffee Company...
What if... I had taken that job offer in Colorado...
Would he have hunted me down as he says?
Would my last name start with a "T"?
Would my interest in antiques, papercutting, stitching have been encouraged?
Would those two Littles (see their silhouettes on the mantle) be mine?
Would I be ever grateful to a coffee company for playing matchmaker?
What if...


Anonymous said...

You are very talented...photographer, cross stitcher/designer, writer, mother, blogger...what else can you do??

P.J. said...

Wonderful post! Nicely done.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great photo and narration, as well. I find it almost unnerving to imagine what our lives would be like, who would and wouldn't be in them and what we might be like, had we taken a different path.