Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"When you stop doing things for fun
you might as well be dead."

-E. Hemmingway
We have talked about getting a telescope for years and years and years. Way back before there were children in the house, the Farmboy and I wanted to look at the planets and stars together. But we never got around to it.

Finally, too many thousands of hours later, we took the opportunity to redeem some credit miles for a Carson RedPlanet. The day it arrived was clear and warm, and we raced to get it set up and dialed in before darktime.

And what was the first thing we wanted to look at? Our "star"... the one we together would look at out of our respective windows when talking on the phone during our dating months.

It turns out our "star" is actually Jupiter.

And we can see three tiny little moons now, when viewing through our new toy.

Don't let yourself wait to have fun...
whatever you've been dreaming about, just jump in there and do it!


Mouse said...

ohhh fabulous :)would love to be able to have a peep through ... love looking at the stars and the moon and have got a couple of nice photos of the moon with my new camera :) love mouse xxxxx

P.J. said...

We rush and rush until life's no fun! Glad you followed through on your fun. What a great family event; the kids will enjoy this so much!!