Monday, November 04, 2013

How We Roll

Dressing up as something/someone other than your usual self can be so very, very fun. Don't you agree?

In our opinion, the one glowing, positive quality of that holiday we celebrate on October 31st.
Otherwise, we're a bit bah-humbug around here. The kiddos both enjoyed dressing up for school parties, but with our still-in-place ban on going door-to-door for candy, they were resigned to a quiet evening at home with family.

But they forgot that they and their cousins had truly amazing Mothers.

Mothers that understand how hard it can be to know that countless friends would be out gathering piles of candy without them. Mothers that know their little hearts that long for adventures. In the dark. And candy.

So what did those really, smart, highly creative Mamas plan?

A headlamp Easter Egg hunt.
Followed closely by a Green Dinosaur Pinata in the woodshop.
By far the best way to gather candy on Halloween, don't you think?

(Okay, you might not think so, and that's okay, I'm not going to mess with your traditions... but our kids were absolutely thrilled with their evening, and were still talking excitedly about it the next day. I'm pretty sure a new tradition had been born.)


linda said...

Your children are adorable and so loved! What creative and understanding moms they have! What a fun night.

Vickie said...

Very inventive! Good for you. Our oldest son's birthday happens to be October 31st. That day has only and always been a celebration of him. We came up with ideas when their friends were out trick-or-treating too.

Anonymous said...

Your children are adorable. Looks like all the kids had a wonderful time. What a clever idea for Halloween for getting treats. Love it! Way to go Mamas!

Pam in IL said...

Absolutely perfect! It doesn't matter what traditions others might have, you're making wonderful memories for your family.