Monday, February 17, 2014


That's what she's been calling it, just like that... "Have a good day, my Valentimes" to her Daddy as he left for the day. "I can't wait for my Valentimes Pawty today Mama!" as she bounced around the house all morning. And, "Does Gwandma weally have a Valentimes Birthday?"

I'm inclined to call it Valentimes Day for the rest of my life.
In keeping with our family tradition of avoiding classroom gifts that involve sugar, we browsed amazon together and decided that these were a fun idea...
Armed with a box of 250, some of these bags to stuff them in, and this free tag, we created what might be my favorite contribution to date.
I'm not sure how the 2nd graders' classmates liked them since I wasn't able to make it to their party, but one of them did tell him that he had spoiled her with the gift. I guess that means she liked it?
The kindergarteners all had big delighted eyes, and I'm sure would have been over the top crazy if they had been allowed to open them at school. All the mommies partying along with them would most likely have ended up with twisted ankles and bruised shins though. Best save that level of trouble for home, eh?


Thoeria said...

What a super clever idea!

Jennifer M said...

Wonderful, sounds like a great idea:)