Saturday, July 05, 2014

Independence Day

As is our tradition, we spent Independence Day with local family. Not ALL local family, because my Mom was in the Bay area, waiting for my little sister to deliver baby girl #2 (that puts me at 7 nieces and 6 nephews), who made her appearance at 2:22pm. So none from my side of the family were here, but the Twist family was well-represented.

There was shooting of soda cans and clay pigeons.
There was much sitting on blankets and shooting the breeze and laughter.
There were two very cute little girls wearing their Stars and Stripes (not to mention plenty of dirt).
There were some perfectly fire-cooked sausages and hot dogs.
As well as fruit and home-grown veggies.
Our firepit once again was the proud holder of priceless moments.
Not to mention the S'mores.
And mysterious cousin-games.
Then it was off to our local fireworks display, which was a bit short this year, but still festive and memorable.
The littlest Twist commented on the way home that her very favorite part was the "Great Finale".

It was pretty great, indeed.


Jennifer M said...

Enjoyed the pictures...looks like you had a wonderful Fourth:)

MoonBeam said...

Life is good!


gracie said...

What a wonderful day you all had.

Von said...

What an awesome day! Thanks for sharing your pics. :)