Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Have you heard of a girl called Stevie Nicks? She's one of my long-time favorite songwriters, and she came to our closest city. Now... I don't do a very good job of staying on top of local concerts, but heard the day before the show that a friend was going. When I expressed my jealousy, the Farmboy said, "Well, why don't we go too?" I'm such a stick in the mud sometimes that I think you can't buy tickets the day before, but there happened to be some left that were really good seats. So we were spontaneous and went... something that I will never regret. It was an amazing show.

Stevie is such a warm person, with the stage presence of a humble but comfortable-in-her-own-skin Auntie. And wow, can she sing! You would never know that she's as mature in age as she is, because she hasn't lost her touch at all. She told stories for each of her songs, pulling old ones out of her "gothic trunk of lost songs". Some of them dated back to her earliest years of writing, others were much newer, and of course she sang some true classics, like Gold Dust Woman and Bella Donna, and wrapped up the night with a magnificent rendering of Landslide (which was slightly ruined for me by the fact that every single person in that entire arena felt like they needed to sing along. Sheesh. Not to mention the super annoying yells and catcalls coming from behind me; "I LOVE YOU STEVIE!" "STEVIE, YOU ROCK!"). I think I was wishing I could be her only audience member.

Can you believe these pictures? I was really that close. I wanted the night to last forever.

There was also a little band called The Pretenders that opened for her and they were pretty darn good. At one point I turned to the Farmboy and told him that if I can age as well as Chrissie Hynde, then I'll be happy. That girl is all sass and style and really rocked the stage. I confess that I've never really paid her band much attention, so I didn't know most of their songs, but it was very good regardless.

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