Sunday, December 17, 2017


This kid. My sweet, kind, gentle giant. The first to call me Mama. Who gives the best hugs and still holds my hand in public. He's 12 years old today (insert crying emoji here).

He wanted to keep it low-key this year, so we had just a few family members over on Saturday evening to celebrate with Carnitas and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (thanks again, Theresa!).

On Sunday, his actual birthday, he was the "lighting expert" for the children's Christmas pageant at church. Afterward, he got pizza for lunch at his favorite local place followed by a much-anticipated viewing of The Last Jedi. This kid gets a Star Wars movie released on or near his birthday just about every year now (the blessing of having a birthday one week before Christmas, I suppose).

The final special event was a day with his two best friends, devoted entirely to Nerf wars and video games. Every 12 year old boy's dream, I'm pretty sure.

I love this kid so much. He continually surprises me with deep, mature conversations. He has a grasp on the world that is both 12 and 65 years old at the same time. I hope he is forever and ever the same gentle old soul that he was as a baby, and still is today. I pray that life won't take any of it away, but will only make it deeper and more solid. I wish you all could meet him. I don't think I'm biased when I say that he is a rare treasure among boys.


Halland House Gifts said...

I've watched that boy of yours grow up through your eyes and your blog. It's been a pleasure. Happy Birthday, buddy! Judy :-)

Diane said...

Beth, I feel the same exact way about my "boy", who is now 18. I too, call him my gentle giant (6'5 1/2" tall 300 pounds). He hasn't held my hand in public for a long while, but he still holds my heart. Hope to see you in Nashville!