Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Now Taking Reservations

The Twist firepit is open for business!

Complete with built-in chocolate melting rock for super yummy Smores!


Dena said...

chocolate melting rock - that is super cool. Your house and property are beautiful; you guys do a great job! congrats on finishing the fire pit project; my neighbors growing up had a fire pit on their deck and it was such fun to use in the summer.

mikael john heck said...

Is that your family's property?

(breathe mikael, breathe. Jealousy is not good)

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It made me smile. The family left today for California and will be there till the 17th. It was nice to smile.

farmgirl beth said...

Yes, sometimes I am a little embarrassed by the extravagant blessing of land that God has given us. We have worked hard over the last 9 years to convert our house-in-the-middle-of-a-cow-field into a haven where one and all can come and relax. Someday, our dream is to have a place of retreat for those in the ministry, whether local or over seas, complete with a B-and-B style suite for overnighters.

If you want to hear the whole story and/or see photos of the transformation (no 1-week extreme makeover here!), we welcome your visit- this goes for anyone who reads this comment.

Rachel Green said...

Hey Beth and Matt,

Love this yard, and love the blog. Nice Job Matt!

Chris Green

Rachel Green said...

I meant, "nice job on the yard" for Matt, since I figure that's his handywork...