Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thank You, Grandma!

Our Kiddo has been really enjoying his new quilt that his Grandma created for him. She apologized for how long it took to make (a few starting blocks were presented at his baby shower before he was born), but He and I both know that the timing could not have been better. He is at the right age now to appreciate the colorful animals. He enjoys pointing out the "ies", and pretends to be a monkey, saying "ooo ooo".

The other day, I had draped his quilt over the couch for him to see. He then climbed up on top of it and proceeded to talk and giggle and play with it for quite a long time. After a while, I realized that his sounds had receded in exuberance, and he was instead cooing, "oooooh" with the same tone and inflection he uses when hugging me and patting my back. I looked over to find him wrapped up and cuddling with his quilt. He sat still there for so long that this Mama was absolutely amazed. Anything to get a busy toddler to hold still is pretty rare!

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Marie said...

I loved reading this!! (It made ME say "Ohhhh!) I'm so glad he loves it so much. I hope you have gotten some of it on video. I was wishing that I had taken my video camera when he first got the quilt. Thanks for sharing this.
Grandma (who put lots of love into the quilt for him to wrap himself in!)