Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Blackberry Boy

Another favorite late summer ritual is the feasting on blackberries. Most other times of the year, we fight off these overly tenacious and invasive plants, but the redeeming quality of this imported pest (thanks Thomas Jefferson!) is its wonderfully juicy and abundant fruit which makes our mouths sing and our bellies happy.


ian said...

Bodacious blackberries!

Johnson Family said...

Hey Twist family the blackberries look like they were delicious! Thanks for the treats from your garden yesterday. Zucchini bread is on the to-do list today! I check in on your blog every so often and I love the pictures! Joel said to leave a link to our blog and I can't remember if just leaving a comment does that so here is the link
Joel, Tiff, Noah & Oliver

Rachel Green said...

Jack really does look a lot like his dad, but I really can't believe how much he looks like you too, Beth! He definitely has your mouth!! ;-)

I sure would love to see your house someday . . . I remember getting to see it "in process". Seems like forever ago!! It's definitely the kind of place I would LOVE to live! Awesome. :-)

The blackberries look delicious!