Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Freddy Mercury to the Rescue

Our normally happy kid was being quite grumpy a few evenings ago as I was trying to make dinner. I am sure that he was hungry and just being impatient, but regardless, I was getting frustrated with his whining, and just wanted to be able to finish my task without a toddler hanging onto my leg.

About the time I was reaching the boiling point, my CD mix in the stereo came to the Bohemian Rhapsody. As Freddy sang, "I'm just a little silhouette of a man..." Said grumpy toddler suddenly became happy and danced away the next 4 minutes of the song.

Thank you, Freddy, wherever you are- your music has provided relief to this tired Mama.

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Gregg said...

Queen rocks!! Every now and then Andy breaks into singing "We will Rock You" - foot stomping and all. He heard it at a school fund raising rally, and we've heard it a lot since.

Oh, and your link to the grassstains is wrong.