Friday, October 05, 2007


As first time parents, we have been thoroughly enjoying the advancement of our Boy's language and vocabulary skills. He enjoys letters and numbers immensely, pointing them out whenever he sees them, and spouting off what he believes are the correct sounds for each figure. He has yet to begin saying his alphabet in the correct order, but does successfully count up to seven with increasingly clear diction.

As far as words go, he finally (as of just a few weeks ago) has a word for Mama; he has been saying "DaDa" for many long months in reference to his Daddy, but only referred to me in gestures and looks. But now, I am thrilled each time he calls me by name, even though he calls me "BaBa". :) He has also advanced to a stage of trying most new words on demand, and calls out "Wee o' DoDu!" each night as Wheel of Fortune comes on during his warm milk drinking and wind-down-for-bed time.

As is quite common, I believe, he does not call animals by name, but rather by sound, and has correct sounds for most of the critters in our neck of the woods, and several exotics as well (wish I could attach a link to his sounds here- they are so cute!). Here are a few pictoral samples of his animal sounds:

Bee =



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joann renee said...

He looks so grown up in the horse picture! You can almost wsee the teenager he will become.