Saturday, October 06, 2007


Being a boy of few words, our Boy still communicates in a much more primitive manner than many of his peers.

Case in point: yesterday, he came to me as I was walking through the house, hugged my legs, then proceeded through pushing on my legs and pulling on my hand, to steer me into the kitchen.

Once there, he turned me to face a specific counter/cupboard unit (this is new- he had never taken me to this particular place before). When I looked down at him and asked what he wanted, he took my hand and pushed it as far up in the air as he could. Still a little puzzled, I dropped my hand and asked again.

When he repeated the action, I took a look around me, and, using my genious Mom deduction, asked, "Are you thirsty? Do you want a drink?" He smiled, stated, "Num, num" and proceeded to shadow me as I took down one of his sippy cups and filled it at the sink. He was obviously thirsty, as he greedily gulped at it for a few seconds then went off to once again play with his toys.

He obviously knows where his cups are stored.

Funny kid.

This Mama will be very glad when real words are a regular part of life at Hillside Farm.

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heather said...

That is cute=)