Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow Pictures

It is melting away now, but at the peak of the storm, we had accumulated 10 inches, and it was breathtakingly beautiful outside.

Coming in our Driveway:

The House:

The Barn:

Front Yard:


Christi said...

Beautiful. We weren't as high up as your farm, but we were in the Portland area and also were able to enjoy the snow. Luckily for Isabella, I was lazy and had left her snow clothes in the car after we cut down our Christmas tree. Merry Christmas.

Dena said...


joann renee said...

Wish I'd gotten that much luck yet. I'll probably be in your area in the near future...whether for a visit or a move is yet to be determined.

Kimmie said...

Beth...the scenery is just breathtaking. How blessed you are to have that piece of God's Country! My sister lives in Washington East of Seattle and just loves that part of the Country. Thanks for sharing!

Kimmie in OP