Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Wonderful Gift

My darling husband gave me the best gift this year for my birthday, something I have wanted for years- predating my relationship with him even!

First, I will preface the revelation with the poem he greeted me with on my birthday morning:

Today is your birthday and I made you a present,
I didn't spend a penny cause you married a peasant.
No flashy gold earrings or diamonds that shine,
So if that is what you wanted, please do not whine.
Instead I thought of you, oh what does my dear need?
I even asked Jack, but he could not give me a lead.
Perhaps a new car, more shoes, or new clothes?
But all the above could bring lack of money woes.
So from out of my stash of the odds and the ends,
And the this and the that and nails with no bends
I soon found some stuff, old and neglected,
And in very short time had your present erected.
I hope that it fits your needs and your treasures,
And brings you delight in very short measure.
You deserve all the best and this is yet another,
Hand crafted birthday present for my loving wife and kids mother!

Being that my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we then rushed off to church, and it wasn't until we returned home that he led me to his shop where he showed me what his resourcefulness and talent had created. I neglected to photograph it then, but yesterday, after spending a good amount of time getting it situated, bolted to the wall, and filled with what it was made to be filled with, the end result was this:

I now have my very own library in a corner of my bedroom, and I am in love with it! It perfectly matches the four-posted bed that he made for my wedding gift, and the bed stand that he created for last year's birthday. I told him he could make a tradition out of making furniture for me each year until our house is filled with all the right pieces. I am blessed to be attached to this gifted and thoughtful man for the rest of my life!

Incidentally, the little table was also built by him, as well as several other pieces in our house. Someday maybe I'll get them all photographed and into a blog.


Christi said...

What a treasure! The man and the present that is... Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Jeana said...

It's beautiful!

Kimmie said...

Wowza Beth! What a treasure of a man you have for a husband is right! The poem he wrote to you gave me goosebumps, and happy tears! What a sweet loving husband. One in a million. To think that he created such beautiful pieces from the talent God gave him, just for you. That was so sweet. Diamonds come and diamonds go...but loving handmades in any form last a lifetime. :-)

Kimmie in OP