Monday, August 11, 2008

A Bountful Harvest

Miss Emily Jean couldn't help but be infected by the happiness of her parents, grandparents, and bachelor Uncle Edward as they daily worked to bring in a bumper crop of wheat and corn. They would eat well during the coming winter months, and that made everyone rejoice. Farming wasn't an easy life, and many years the pantry was empty long before the Springtime thaw.

While the adults were busy working in the fields, and she cared for her baby brother, she resourcefully used a scrap of fabric, some leftover crochet string, and crushed walnut shells from the tree in their yard to make a commemorative pumpkin pinkeep, a secret gift for her Grandmother. Everyone would remember the bounty of 1828 for years to come, and she wanted to be a part of the celebration.

Three quarters of a century later, that pinkeep has been found, tucked away in the bottom of a trunk. It is darkened with age, but still retains its fir branch "stem" and a few rusty pins and needles.

And it will be offered for sale on ebay to the highest bidder, starting tomorrow afternoon. :)

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Sandy S said...

Beth, this pincushion is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so impressed. :)