Monday, August 04, 2008

Poor Gracie

One of my dearest and oldest friends, to both of our delight (once we individually got over the shock of being pregnant again and for the first time!), has a baby girl just a month apart in age from our Girl. We try often to get them (and us) together.

Well, I was just about in tears cracking up when I was editing the most recent photo session. Looks like my Girl has become quite the martial arts expert at poor Gracie's expense. Sorry, my dear friend, I'll try to work on her manners before your next visit. :)

You really have to see it in a slide show for the true funny-ness to be experienced, but I think you probably get the jist.

And finally, a shot of both girls looking sweet at the same time...


Marie said...

Oh, Katie, my sweet!! That is no way to treat your friend! (but it really is funny!) Your grandma has had a good laugh at poor little Gracie's expense. (I'm sorry, Jeremie! I would have laughed if it had been Gracie doing it to Katie, too!)
Love to all...

A Servant's Heart In Dixie said...

We are told that children mimic their parents. Beth??! Marie told me about this latest blog of yours - and she's right: your baby (and friend's little one) are just TOO cute!! Wish we lived closer to you - so we could visit in person.
Love -
Mary Lee & Mike & Julie
(in Alabama)