Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Shirt Says It All

I only chose the shirt. The rest of his attire was all his own choosing. Thanks to Christy, who sent the hat home. He now insists it MUST be worn when going out for a walk, and says over and over... "yee(high pitched and quiet)-HAW(low, gutteral and loud)! Cowboy hat." :)


Marie said...

That's quite an outfit! Isn't it fun when they start picking out their own clothes?!!

joann renee said...

I love this last picture of Jack. Can't wait for blueberries this week!

Pyke said...

Don't let him loose iin the woods, you might have trouble fungun him with all that camo. :-)

Cameron always makes us smile whith his choices too. His collection of boots and sun hats allows for some fun combos. He is gettin better about the correct feet, even if the boots don't match. :-)