Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Any Takers?

I have been entertaining the idea of putting my needlepunch designs up for sale. But there are already SO many rug and needlepunch designs out there. Is the market already too saturated? I am very happy to just design them as I get the inspiration, but then I usually sell the finished product, as a one of a kind offering. Pretty, please, if you are someone who does needle punch, could you leave a comment letting me know whether or not you would be interested? And if so, do you prefer paper patterns, or e-patterns?

Here is an example of some of my past designs:

I am currently working on my coolest design yet... a lion in the jungle, based on a very folky old hooked rug. Just as soon as I finish it, I will be posting photos.


Julie's Keepsakes said...

Hi Beth! Sorry I grabbed that blue bird from under your nose. LOL (I rec'd your comment.)

I think you should design more punchneedle and sell sell sell. I don't think it's too saturated. I mean, look at cross stitch. I like having an endless variety to chose from. I do punch and I think you should develop more creations.

I'll look forward to seeing your lion as there aren't too many lions done in punch. In fact, I can't think of a designer off the top of my brain that has a lion for punch, do you?! I say GO FOR IT BETH!!! I'll support ya! ;P

Nancy said...

Hi Beth,
I am not a needlepuncher, but I want to learn. I just haven't taken a break from my stitching to do that, but if I did I would definitely purchase a needlepunch pattern or two from you. Your designs, no matter what the technique, are gorgeous!

mainely stitching said...

I don't needle punch, but if I did, I'd love your designs! :D

Lori said...

I think your designs would sell well Beth!

Like Julie said~
Go for it!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
As a huge fan of your cross stitch patterns I would love it if you would share some of your punch needle designs with all of us as well! Your artistic sense is incredible and your eye for color and scale just perfect...I'd love to grace my home with some more of your delightful designs!
I have been enjoying the craft of needle punch for a few years now and can assure you that your patterns would be a pleasant addition to the pattern world. I think you should go for it!!!
All the best,