Friday, March 06, 2009


At nearly 14 months old, loves to read books by lamplight:

Is still a tiny little thing. Check out the size difference, sitting on the couch with her Daddy (and a good book):

Has not gained the confidence to walk on her own yet, but the piano is great motivation to practice her standing skills:

Continues to keep us on our toes... she's a little Spitfire, that's for sure. She rarely holds still for very long, loves to climb onto things (usually getting "stuck" and crying for help shortly thereafter), and is happiest when either her Mama or big brother are within arms' reach.


Julie's Keepsakes said...

You have such a cute little family!

Johnson Family said...

That picture of Katie reading by the lamp is adorable!

Christine said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures! I can just picture YOU all cute and little reading by the light... Like mother, like daughter. (Just because she can't stitch yet...;o) And JACK! Nerdy, or not, is still the cutest EVER in that pic! Oh, my... I've gone back several times, just because it makes me smile. I very, very like it. ;o)