Thursday, March 19, 2009

She Stands!

At 14 1/2 months old, Katie is still not walking. This for the overachieving baby who started army crawling a week before her 7th month. And, to further balk at any normal baby trend, she is not practicing her standing skills by letting go of the couch. Nosirree, not my girl! Instead, she moves out to the middle of the floor, and
from a kneeling position...
the whole time giggling and panting with excitement!
Too bad the sun is glaring on her face, because the expression is priceless.

Rulebreaker(like her Daddy...)! Trendsetter(like her...Mama?)! Weird(definitely like her Mama)! and oh-so-Sweet!

She recently received her first goose-egg... from falling on her big brother's Hot Wheels toy motorcycle handlebar, no less.

She also sleeps like a Stinkbug.

Thanks to Ali for letting her borrow the adorable shirt; I lost count of how many compliments she received for her taste in clothing. :)

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Julie's Keepsakes said...

You, and Katie, are lucky this is just her first knot. Cameron is 19 months old and he's already been to the ER bc he whacked his head on the foyer tile. Luckily, he was fine, but he is always getting boinked in the head.

Katie is so adorable! She looks awfully proud of herself and rightfully so. Once she lets go you will never stop her. She is just going to take off one of these days. Don't fret; Cameron isn't even talking yet - so like his daddy. :D

Cameron still sleeps like that at times. Too sweet!