Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ah, me...

What has happened to me? I am someone who thrives on calm, quiet, peace, organization, creativity, focus... yet I am the mother of a Preschooler and a Toddler, which in and of itself is enough to set the most stoic off their kilter. And I have stepped into a business venture that just might be over my head!

I have the stitchers of the world to thank for liking my patterns enough to buy them (and hopefully stitch them too!). I have been making so many trips lately to my local copy shop that I don't even have to tell them who I am, they simply re-set the copy counter when I walk in the door, and off I go.

Fortunately, the copy shop is just across the parking lot from our library, so a quick stop for a few books for the kids, and they are generally well behaved while I stand at the copier.

I can't tell you how I look forward to the day that I decide my profits are enough that I can buy or lease my own copier!

In the meantime, I will share with you one brief, magically quiet moment I had this weekend:


pammyjo said...

Wonderful for you! I hope you can make it work. I loved my 4 little spring samplers I bought from you and I'll get another one soon. Congrats! You are so talented, and I love dropping by. God is good!

Glenna said...

I'm working on your most wonderful 1763 sampler (a picture on my last blog post) and also purchased With One Accord, which I'm eager to start. While I admit to starting lots and finishing not nearly as often, I rushed home with 1763 and started it the next day (after kitting it up for AVAS threads). It's so much fun to stitch! May you have such success that you have to HIRE someone to copy for you, so that you can take the time to do more designs for us!