Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

Tomorrow, we will Honor the brave Soldiers who have given their lives fighting for our Freedom. We won't attend any ceremonies or place flags on any graves. But we will savor the fresh air that we breathe, and we will plant our vegetable garden knowing that this land that is ours to use and enjoy was bought at a price even above our own labor and mortgage.


Patti said...

Beth, Enjoy your day in the garden! Your sneak peek of your next design for June has peaked my curiosity! It looks like it may be a flag... How about another peek ;-)

I'm working in my garden today and came in for a drink and a break. Now as I'm planting I'm going to be thinking of this pattern...

Blessings, Patti

pammyjo said...

Enjoy your planting your garden. Very neat picture in your post.
I have a question. You are stitching a sampler with WDW thread. Do you wash your sampler and press before framing. Do you have problems with bleeding on overdyed threads. I had a little problem once with a red. I've been afraid to use all my overdyes ever since. Any suggestions? Can't wait to see your June design.