Thursday, September 03, 2009

Alien Invasion (of the Harmless Variety... I think)

Yesterday afternoon I had one of those scary realizations... its QUIET in the house... WHERE ARE THE KIDS???

Oh, whew... there they are, and how cute... the Boy is drawing alienTs again.

(getting in trouble for taking pictures of the UNFINISHED artwork, I pause.)

Okay, now he's ready... there is a baby alienT now, and the first has gained a "block" body, and, inexplicably, they all have tattoos of the letter "T" on their faces?

The Littlest, finally scrounging up her mini-doodlepad, joins Big Brother in his creative space.

Her alienT looks more like a Blackberry Thicket.

And round 2 of the Alien Invasion, complete with letter "H" tattoos. But of course!

How on earth am I supposed to get ANYTHING done with these two clowns taking up residence?

I mean REALLY! Look at those faces.

See the Mischief oozing from their pores?

I'm done for.


Nancy said...

They are so cute!

Jeanne said...

I absolutely love that shirt Katie has on !! Your kids are beautiful!.

Marie said...

So fun that they do things together! I love the letter tattoos. I almost expect to see star-bellied Sneetches next!

Jennifer said...

Cute kids! Your daughter looks like you alot!