Monday, May 17, 2010

2 Things I'm Really Excited About Today

1. My new cast iron bread pans, which have been my faithful companions over the last two weeks or so as I experimented and finally found the perfect recipe for 100% whole wheat sandwich bread (see previous post for the recipe). I became a cast-iron convert several years ago, and these bread pans are a wonder! I don't even have to wash them after baking sandwich bread, because nothing sticks to them. And that is what I call perfection.

2. My new American Lawn Mower Company reel mower. Yes, I said that I'm EXCITED about a lawn mower that is powered by nothing but ME!

When I was a teenager, I was often on lawn duty at home, and always found it to be a bit cathartic. When I married and moved out here to the country, where we have LOTS of lawn to be maintained, I again, was most often the mower, but this time on a riding unit, which was much less enjoyable to me, but I still liked mowing (yet I hate doing laundry... go figure).

When Jack was born, my lawnmowing duties came to a screeching halt. There is just no way to be on a noisy, gas-guzzling lawn mower while watching little ones.

This Spring, with the wonderful coming of a season in life with children who are old enough to play happily together for long periods of time, with only distant supervision needed, I had an idea... maybe, just maybe, I could regain my mowing abilities with a reel mower. I could get some much-needed excercise, keep an eye on the kids, all while improving the quality of my lawn and helping the quality of the air that we breathe as well.

And, after the first test run last evening, I am even more in love with my new mower. Granted, what used to take 5 minutes, now takes closer to 40, but it is good, solid, hands-on hard work in the fresh air and sunshine.

And this good, solid, hands-on kind of girl couldn't be happier.


Kelly said...

My husband is a huge bread fan and I showed him your cast iron bread pan. He looked for them on the web but could not find where to buy them from. I also could not make the link work. Could you let me know where they came from? He loves to make bread and makes sandwich bread most weeks for his lunch. Thank for sharing your recipe as well. I would like him to start making more wheat bread.

Beth Twist said...

Kelly... I fixed the link! It was supposed to take you to the post where I talk about winning a gift certificate that allowed me to get the pans. If you follow the link now, it will take you there, and you will find a link directly to the bread pans at You can also find them on You'll have to chime in again and let me know how he likes them... and tell him that he really does need to try the whole wheat recipe- he just might become a convert, and besides, it is way better for his health! :)

heather said...

Good to hear your comments on the mower. I find those mowers fascinating and have wondered how people like them.

The cast iron bread pan looks wonderful! I use stoneware for most of my baking. I wasn't even aware that there were cast iron bread pans.

Dora said...

I love the lawnmower, nice and quiet and earth friendly!

Paulette said...

Wow, so there's your bread pan!!! I seriously think I need to get one.. you've got me dying to try that recipe, despite the fact I can't eat wheat! (I don't suppose you have a good recipe for white bread? teehee)