Friday, December 18, 2009

Four Years in Cakes

One Year Old:

Two Years Old:

Three Years Old:

And... Four Years Old:

Jack doesn't seem to mind at all that I REALLY cheated on this one by using computer graphics and toy trains. This makes me happy.

Its pretty obvious that he is happy too...

We didn't want his cold germs on the whole cake, so he blew out candles on his own plate, and for some reason, Frank and Lightning McQueen didn't want to watch.

Here's to another year full of delight and laughter!


Margaret said...

Happy birthday to Jack! I miss Thomas the Tank Engine. Used to be my son's favorite too. He's 15 going on 16 now. :D

Catherine said...

What great cakes!!

Dora said...

Creative cakes!

Karan said...

What great cakes. You can tell he liked his Thomas cake. LOL My DS loved Thomas at that age too - he's now 23. :0)

Amy said...

Awesome job capturing Jack's delight in his awesome 4th birthday cake! Way to go mama!