Thursday, October 27, 2011


Personally, I've never been drawn to the game.
But the last few days, this classic has trumped even Mario Kart Wii.
I'm pretty sure that all of the strategy is coming from the almost-6 year old, and I'm also pretty sure that he hasn't figured out yet that he could tell her all the wrong moves so that he wins every time.
She keeps trying to impart personalities into her pieces and plays them like characters tromping all over the board. In turn, of course.
Its all pretty adorable and silly.


Ann said...

I love moments in time like this one that you are sharing. My kids are a little older and I really miss the age yours are. Enjoy! ~Ann

Julie Smith said...

Trumping Mario Kart? Wow! I suppose that's why the classics never die. Very sweet.