Friday, October 14, 2011

Puppy Mug Shots

I was hoping to release a new pattern today, but with all the crazy-buzy-ness going on around here these days, I have given myself an extension. To help you hold out until next week, I'll be leaving you with some Four Week Old Puppy litter Mug Shot sheets.

Trust me. Their little faces might look innocent enough, but the shenanigans they pull on each other are completely out of line and inappropriate.
Full-on body tackles? Check.
Sneak tail attacks? Check.
Pooping in the food dish? Check.
Stealing milk from one another? Check.
Raucous brawling? Check.
Contaminating the water dish with sawdust? Check.
Menacing growls and rrrrr-ruffs? Check.
I think its about time someone decide to enforce the rules around here. Where are those Puppy Owners when I need them most?

Perhaps the bad behaviour is in part because they are being weaned. Solid food does have a way of making a creature feel strong and full of itself.


MoonBeam said...

Too cute and so funny. I can't imagine why you missed a deadline. They are really getting big.


Mouse said...

they are worth it though don't ya think ... just tooo cute for words .... :0 love mouse xxxx

Diana said...

Thanks for the puppy pictures!

Kaisievic said...

Those puppies are so cute!

I can understand why they have distracted you from your finish.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Valentina said... are very busy! Please, live to me some puppies...I'ld like help you in this dirty work!!! Ciao ciao