Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The best part about March snow is how quickly it melts away.
We still have plenty on the ground, but by yesterday evening, the branches on my Magnolia had sprung free from the snow that was holding them down.
Sweet, fuzzy catkins are perhaps my favorite sign of early Spring.
My Magnolia is always first, followed closely by our weeping Pussywillow.
The only way I can keep myself from cutting their precious branches is to capture them in photograph and wallpaper them to my screen.

Want to join me? The next two images (because I couldn't decide which I like best!) are designed to fit a widescreen monitor. Simply left click to open the image, then right click to save to your computer. As always, these are for your personal use only, please!


Thoeria said...

Stunning photographs!

Katalin said...

ahhh, beauteous

Joy said...

Lovely photos. I bring a couple branches of pussy willow in to watch the catkins open:)